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Are you a cat parent? Stay away from scented products

If you are a cat parent you want the best for your babies. Being one myself I know how endearing these little fur balls can be and nothing can be more heart breaking if your little one doesn't want to come near you. Ever thought It could be your soap thats causing it? Read on to know how.

Any household having a pet knows what an integral part of life they become. They love unconditionally. A little nudge and hug makes you forget all the stress and anxiety even if you are having the worst day ever. Cats are adorable pets and amazing creatures. They do not display emotions like their canine counterparts and hence suffer an image of being aloof. But any person who has being around cats for long enough would testify how affectionate they can be and how subtle they are at expressing their love. And how subtle they are at expressing their pains. They would hide away and wont make a sound. You have to really understand them to know when they are distressed and how to make them comfortable.

Cats and dogs both have a very keen olfactory senses. They experience the world through scent. This explains why they often introduce themselves nose first. Cats make it very clear when they are unpleased with a smell. They will run a mile if they are averted to a certain smell. My kitty refuses to use his litter if it is smelly even though I cant tell. Apart from averting smells, cats are very sensitive to strong scents. So if you have been wondering why your cat doesn't stay around you much, you can blame your deodorant or perfume and even your hand wash for that.

Us humans associate scented cloths, hands, surrounding with cleanliness, but sorry to say your feline friend doesn't agree. Many fragrances that are pleasant to the comparatively weak human nose, are overwhelming and even harmful to our dogs and cats.

Ever witnessed your kitten sniff a cut onion or vinegar, it gives the most adorable jerk to its little head and runs a mile. It is very cute to look at indeed, but in reality the fumes emanating from strongly scented substances, that includes you, get into the blood stream of the animals. The toxic chemical fumes from your personal care products can actually harm your pet's health in the long run. Synthetic perfumes and even some essential oils, can leave pets contending with respiratory irritation and even serious health concerns.

Inhalation is just one of the ways that a dog or cat can come in contact with droplets of perfume. Topical exposure can cause problems too, as toxins are absorbed through the skin and metabolised. Dogs and cats can continually re-expose themselves to these harmful ingredients through grooming and other daily activities.

In addition to respiratory and digestive issues, cats are susceptible to organ damage from exposure to the oils included in perfumes. The feline liver has a tough time breaking down the toxins known as phenols.

Even your innocent looking 'hand-wash' can become a culprit. Most commercial brands of hand-wash have very strong scents to give an illusion of cleanliness and freshness every time you wash your hands, when all they actually do is rip all the moisturising oils from the skin of your hands leaving them dry and leave this residue of tenacious chemical on your skin, which we accept most gladly as fragrance. With continued use the skin becomes damaged and we blame it on the ageing process. In addition, we inadvertently give a hard time to our beloved pet babies.

You could have the same scale of cleanliness without drying your skin and being much gentle on yourself as well as your pets by switching to natural products like handmade soaps and floral waters which feel fresh, fragrant, cooling and are actually healing.

Be safe and keep your pet babies safe. They might not use our language to tell when they are distressed but they do express. It is upto us if we make an effort to understand them or simply ignore their expressions and blame them for being aloof.

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