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Earthsutra Organics Foundation strives to create healthy and eco friendly products of daily use made from organics natural raw material. We do not use any synthetic chemicals in the production and processing of any or our products. 

All our products are handcrafted by individuals of indigenous communities of India. We believe in giving back to the society hence we run projects involving training and capacity building of the marginalised communities living in forest and fringe areas. 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", hence we train our workers to use simplest processes to create marvellous products. Our Products are not synthetically refined and machine processed. Almost all the processes are done by hand. this generates employment opportunity for living breathing people and gives them a shot at earning a dignified livelihood.

John F. Keneddy once said, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future". Unfortunately many children born in rural set up are thrown into the struggles of life even before they had a chance of knowing, let alone reaching, their potential. Girls are married off at a young age and boys are sent off to the cities for menial labour. We have ventured out to turn this situation around. We promote skill based education and vocational training in rural schools and the students are absorbed into our workforce once they pass out of schools. Our aim is to reduce the migration from villages towards cities by generating employment opportunities within the village for educated youth. We especially endeavour to empower girls and women so that they can earn and have some savings of their own.

By providing alternate means of livelihood we aim to reduce local forest dependency and provide income source in addition to agriculture. We encourage farmers to organically grow fruits and vegetables instead of cash crops. This produce is hand processed and packaged before sale. We believe that to foster environmentalism one needs to strengthen the economic backbone first. Only when the basic human needs are fulfilled can a person think of higher goals. Our goal is to mitigate human wildlife conflict by strengthening local rural economy and create a force of local forest conservationists and wildlife protectors.

We are a non profit company. Each purchase that you make brings us closer to our goal.

If you are a student, a wildlife enthusiast, a social worker or a philanthropist we invite you to help us by volunteering or donations. You may get in touch with us through our contact page or write to us at

Rice Crop

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an ecosystem where human-being is able to coexist with nature without compromising the convenience of modern life. We wish to create a healthy pollution free life for the modern humans and our planet that support our existence. 

We want to do this by integrating the concept of environmental protection in our daily routine life and we aim to do this by creating products that are free of harmful chemicals and easily biodegradable. 

We do not make our products in big factories with state of art machineries which consume huge amounts of energy and resources. Our products are made entirely by hand in small batches by people living in rural areas. This provides employment and extra income to many women and students from rural background. 

Our objective is to to develop a skill set among the rural poor, which is environmentally non invasive and can be easily used without much investment. By achieving this we move closer to our goal of strengthening local economy, reducing forest dependency and conserving wildlife by increasing the tolerance of farmers.

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